Fresh Fruits and Vegetables from Egypt’s best farms.

6th of October, Cairo, Egypt

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Egypt was founded in 2023 by a group of entrepreneurs with comprehensive and diverse knowledge in the business world who decided to combine their expertise and capitalise on their outstanding networking capacity to start exporting the highest quality Egyptian fruits and vegetables across European markets.
We have established a concrete foundation with Egyptian suppliers to deliver the finest grade of fruits and vegetables the Egyptian market has to offer, our superior shipping network and solid operational system are up and running, we have been building and nurturing collaborations with European buyers to form strategic partnerships and perfect our business structure.
We aim to perfect our business model, place our partners first, expand our network and grow steadily into who we are to achieve our goal. 
At Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Egypt we are committed to our story and we guarantee excellence in everything we do.

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Our products are selected from the best farms in Egypt and packed in a state of art fruit stations


Fresh & Healthy​

Globally Certified





Our Partners are globally certified

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